Professionally Mounted Original Antique (c1914) Monochrome Plate - Lombardy Poplar

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Professionally Mounted Original Antique (c1914) Monochrome Plate - Lombardy Poplar

This botanical plate by E.W. Hunnybun, from a book documenting British Trees, was published in 1914 on cream-colored chalk faced paper. It is in excellent condition with no foxing or damage showing within the mount. 

The plate has been professionally hinged onto a specially cut high quality warm white mat, and mounted onto a foam core backing. The overall mount is ready to frame, & has been deliberately sized to suit a standard frame, should you wish to buy one 'off the shelf' rather than have the print professionally framed. I would suggest a black frame for these prints. 

These prints are wonderful on their own, or framed and hung together as a set.


Approximate actual print size - 270 x 370mm

Mat window size - 200 x 300mm

Overall mat size 40 x 50cm - to suit 16 x 20" standard frames. 

E.W Hunnybun ( 1848 - 1918) must have been an extraordinary man. The delineation of living specimens appealed to his love of plants & became a recreation to his occupation as a solicitor. While still in his professional years, he rose at daybreak & spend the next two or three hours on his bicycle collecting specimens & then drawing them, and his enthusiasm for this practise continued after his career retirement. He was careful to impart the diagnostic features of each plant & had a natural genius for accurate line drawing. He would transfer the sweeping lines of the living plant (never dried), & would chose the most typical specimen to represent the species, & would say "I only draw what I see" - his drawings were never idealised. The fine lines of ink made for exquisite drawings, all life sized, & certainly the results justify his method.

Please note that the prints on offer are genuine vintage or antique, & therefore being offered as 'one off's'. You will not find them readily available to buy, or on display in someone else home. This makes them special, but the downside is if you miss out on one that you have your eye on I may not be able to source it again for you. If you would like a bigger set, please contact me as I may have more available in the collection.