Interior Design


Interior Designer: Cate Barlow


Qualifications / Courses & Workshops attended:

- Diploma of Interior Design, Interior Design Institute, 2014-2017

- Anna Spiro Workshop, 2018



I love to work on improving interiors with the aim to make them into functional and exciting spaces. I recognise the importance of ensuring spaces reflect the lifestyle and personality of occupants, and that underlying the aesthetic of a space it is most important that it is convenient, practical, and generates a positive energy for those within. 

I value good relationships with clients so that they feel supported and enabled to make informed decisions about their homes or businesses, and that their vision is nurtured in the design. Where clients don't have a clear vision, I will be pleased to help guide them to develop concepts and curate ideas until a vision that they love is created.

Practicality and sentiment are not lost in my process. I aim to avoid waste, be it financial or material, and will gladly incorporate existing treasures or inherited pieces into schemes in a coherent way. I have a strong appreciation for handmade, vintage, and antique pieces, and I am drawn to including them so that interiors have a unique personality, just like their occupants. It is also a far more environmentally friendly approach than buying everything new. I would much prefer to restore and reupholster vintage or antique pieces, keeping these skills alive, than buy something new that has been mass produced. 

Keeping costs as low as possible whilst still delivering a quality result is a priority for me, and I think for many of us. I am happy to consider lower cost options for some aspects of a design so that other special and eye catching materials such as quality textiles or wallpapers can be incorporated. 

Achieving good design on a budget, or incorporating existing / found preloved pieces into the scheme, can present a greater challenge and may take more time than it would to select without constraint, but it is certainly realistic, possible, and very rewarding. 

I am located West of Corowa, NSW, and as part of Textile & Twig I am available for Residential or Commercial Interior Design and Decoration projects in the South Eastern Riverina, North East Victoria, and beyond. 


Interior Design Service Fees:

General Interior Design: 

The initial discussion (usually done by phone) to discuss the scope and plan for the project & to clarify my fees & any other questions, is of course free of charge, and there will be no obligation to proceed after this point if you feel I am not the right fit for your project. 

General Interior Design Service fees are set at $75 / hour. This work can include design advice, design creation, design components sourcing, specification & supply, project management & installation. 

Travel costs for site visits outside the general Corowa / Mulwala (NSW) districts are set at 50c/km, unless I am able to tie in a site visit with a journey I am already making - in which case travel costs will not be charged.

If you would like just one site visit initially before committing to further engagement that would be fine, & we could aim & get as much achieved as possible in this visit within the time allocated. This would be charged at the same rate - $75/hr and you may like to elect a time frame prior so that you can set aside the time you would like and are also able to cap your costs. You can then decide after this if you would like me to proceed with any sourcing or other design work for the space. 


Buy the package of your choice below, and begin the process by emailing me outlining your question, problem, or details of the space. I will respond with advice and imagery. Once I have imparted my advice & suggestions or provided a mood board, clarification can be sought if required, however new advice or mood boards will require a new service to be purchased. 

1. Design advice - $100 flat rate per question or problem. This service is offered by email or phone communication. Simply email me with your question or problem, including photos for the best results, & I will be back in touch with my advice & supporting images.

Buy Design Advice here

2. Mood Board - $300 per room. This service is offered by email using imagery on an electronic document. It does not include samples, but will include image credits & product sources where available.

Buy Mood Board here

If you have a specific job in mind that does not fit with the above packages & you would prefer a set rate rather than an hourly rate, please touch base with me by email & we can work that through together.