Rattan Handles

These beautiful woven rattan handles have been hand crafted by talented artisans in India from natural materials. The skills of working with rattan have been handed down to them through generations of local people, and the result is a collection of durable, beautiful & useful objects, that in the case of handles can be installed into any cabinet or lid to make a good sturdy pull. Please note that due the hand crafted nature of these handles, there will be slight variations within any particular style; this is one of their endearing qualities. 

It is worth understanding that in India, the art of weaving rattan had been sadly fading in recent decades because people were not able to make enough money from it, but thankfully the increasing demand for handcrafted rattan products is reviving. Hopefully, for the welfare of these skilled artisans, it will continue flourish. Just another reason - an important one, that these handles make a great choice. 

In terms of practicality, I have been asked how these handles will go in working / wet areas such as kitchens & bathrooms. We have installed a variety of these rattan handles in our home, in both the kitchen & bathrooms, & after months of frequent use since installation, I can report they are standing up to the test beautifully. They have not broken (still in 100% perfect condition), & they don't generally need cleaning, however as they are water resistant they are able to be wiped with a clean damp cloth if required.