Sourcing Service

I love incorporating antique, vintage, preloved, remnant or handcrafted pieces into decorating, not just because they are fabulously different & often better value than their mass produced counterparts, but more importantly because I cannot bear waste & prefer to take a more sustainable approach, even if some things have flaws or need reupholstery or repair. 

By embracing this ethos, rather than automatically buying new mass produced items & then discarding them when they break or we change our minds, we can all make a positive impact on our environment and also support the continuation of the crafts and skills of restoration.

For those who also embrace these values, but need help or don't have the time to search for the pieces they are after, I offer a sourcing service.

This is a service with two options to help you procure unique items for your space. 

1. Sourcing for the focused shopper: $100 / item or set required.

This is a great service for those who are looking for a particular item for their space, but who have had difficulty finding it, or who do not have the time or inclination to search for it.

How it works:

You supply information to me including any images via email about what you are looking for and what style you have in mind. You may provide as much specific information as you like such as budget, size, colour, style, material, antique / vintage / preloved / new, etc. If you are unsure of what might fit best in your space, you can ask me for suggestions or advice.

In response, I will search for your wanted item (or similar items that might fit your requirements) through Australia's auction houses, antique dealers, or sites such as eBay or Gumtree for antique or vintage items. 

An email with links to suggested products will be supplied within a fortnight. Occasionally I will send additional emails if I find suitable products after the initial email has been sent.

I am only supplying links to suggested products that match your requirements, and the purchase of any items is then left up to you.

Buy Sourcing Service for the focused shopper here

Please contact me here with details about the item you would like to find.


2. Sourcing for the opportunistic shopper: ...information coming, service to become available in 2019.


DISCLAIMER: With both sourcing service options, I am offering links suggesting products you may chose to buy...I may offer my advice or opinion as part of the service, but I am not in any way responsible for accuracy of the product description or your purchase decisions.