Textile & Twig is all about creating interesting, happy & functional spaces, balanced by an approach where sustainability is paramount.

I operate from our home in the Eastern Riverina countryside, where I carefully source & hand-craft a range of unique & beautiful items to offer for your home & family. 

I am very drawn to incorporating quality antique, vintage, preloved, remnant or handcrafted pieces into family life & the decoration of homes. Not just because they are unique, better value & usually more beautiful than their mass produced counterparts, but most importantly because I cannot bear waste & prefer to take an ethical approach, even when some things have become imperfect through the passage of time. 

For those who share these values and wish to find quality antique or vintage items, I offer a sourcing service in addition to holding stock of various pieces which can be purchased via the Textile & Twig online store.

I am a diploma qualified Interior Designer and am available to work with you on the design or decoration your space, whether it be residential or commercial.

Cate x