Woven Rattan Handle with Gold Brass straps - Medium 12.5cm

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These hand crafted handles / drawer pulls are really sweet. The natural materials they are made from give a lovely organic feel to any space without looking rustic - the brass straps & spacers give them a well finished & elegant appearance.

Measurements: 12.5cm long x 2cm diameter. 4.5cm long bolts with 1.5cm long brass spacers. The screw point width is 10.cm.

NB: I have in stock also some matching smaller T Bar pulls, ideal for small drawers or cupboards. It works well to mix the two parts of the set together where you have a combination of differently sized cabinets & drawers. For example on our vanity we have installed these handles to the cupboard doors & the smaller T Bar pulls to the vanity drawers.

Due to the hand crafted nature of these handles, there may be slight variations in appearance & dimensions (and please note the pink showing on the brass in some photos is not actually there, it is just a reflection of my top when photographing!).

Care: We have used these handles for several months so far & have found them to be durable with normal frequent use. The cane woven into these handles is natural & untreated. Generally handling of the cane is all that is required to keep them clean, however the natural water resistance of cane allows spills to be wiped with a clean damp cloth.

Made in India by skilled artisans.