Personalised Doormat - Large size 100 x 60cm

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PLEASE NOTE, ORDERS PLACED AFTER 1ST DECEMBER ARE UNLIKELY TO ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. In this case a picture of the draft I send you could be printed to pop into the Christmas card if the real thing does not make it in time.

Textile & Twig, in collaboration with our friends Marita & George, have on offer these special and unique hand painted coir doormats, personalised with any name you like. Farm, home, street, business or family names, or street and postcode numbers have all been popular choices.

These mats make fabulous, personal, & unique gifts.

SIZE - Large 100 x 60 x 2.5cm. 

The following style options are available (if you select the styles on the drop down menu the corresponding picture will appear):


- Copperplate

- Lucida Grande Upper Case

- Lucida Grande Lower Case

- Lucida Grande Bold


- With or Without


- Wreath design with single initial and border


100 x 60cm without border $85
100 x 60cm with border $90
100 x 60 Wreath with Single Initial & border $95

Once you have selected your preferred options, please send me a message (with the order or via contact page) with the text that you would like on your mat.

A digitally generated draft of your mat will be emailed to you for your approval before the making begins.

Delivery can take around 3-4 weeks, depending on location.

Please Note:

These mats do fade and wear faster in full sunlight and rain so a shady sheltered position is best.

They should be treated with care to promote longevity, for example to clean it don't beat against a tree, just give it a good shake! If they get a nick in them please be aware the tear can extend.

As each mat is hand lettered there will be a slight variation in the design.