Nendo Orb Pendant 100% Linen - Large

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Nendo Pendant - 100% Linen

Size: Large - 800 mm diameter

Finish: 100% Italian Linen / hand Frayed Edges

Comes flat packed, & does not include suspension kit.

Can be sprayed lightly with water water to dampen and help the linen relax after flat packing.

This gorgeous pendant is will give your space a light, airy, and relaxed feel. It is a high quality product for a great price. The fabric is 100% Italian linen, and the edges have been frayed by hand. It comes in a variety of fabric colours.

Please note, the Nendo Pendants of all sizes & colours are extremely popular, & unfortunately it is often necessary to place your choice on back order & wait for the next shipment to arrive in order to get one. Otherwise by the time the shipment arrives they can all be allocated to back orders so that they remain out of stock. If you need your Nendo urgently, please feel free to contact me first to see if there happen to be any in stock, or how long it is expected to take before the next shipment arrives. Thanks for your understanding.

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